Chakra Candle

Chakra Candle

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Cleanse and balance the chakras often to promote wellness in body, mind, and spirit. Chakra candles combine color therapy with aromatherapy and are a great way to enhance energy healing sessions and meditations. 

Crown chakra - Clear Quartz
Third Eye Chakra - Amethyst 
Throat Chakra - Lapis Lazuli
Heart Chakra - Green Aventurine 
Solar Plexus Chakra - Tiger’s Eye 
Sacral Chakra - Carnelian
Root Chakra - Red Jasper

As you light your candle, set your intention and visualize your wishes as they were already manifested into your reality. 

Once your candle has burned retrieve your crystal and carry it with you or place it in a sacred space to bring good fortune within the flow of your life.

Formulated with a blend of organic herbs and essential oils.

Hand-poured and made with 100% soy wax. The soy beans are natural, renewable and biodegradable.

Burn clean without harsh chemical being released into the air. 

  • Made from soy
  • Cotton Wick
  • Contained in Glass, for an even melt
Crafted in: California
Size: 7.10 Oz 200g 50 Hours burn time
Approximate Measurements: 4"L x 3.75"W x 4.75"H

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